Recording studio

In the studio the woman come and go
Talking of Michelangelo
Edison dreams the miracle machine
He parts the sea
Onward goes the pilgrim band
Cohen and Eliot in hand
Out to find glory in a tower of story
A wasteland
Marconi graced, was color blind
In the new world he did find
It was there all along, just waiting for a song
From Italy
So the pilgrims take another verse
And the balance moves from bad to worse
Nobody's dreamed, that there's a ghost in the machine
So we rehearse
Someone adds another place to the map
Now that we look back
It was a turn off a corner in a dark sedan
We didn't see
Out in the street, we come and go
Speaking of Michelangelo
The band takes direction from a tenuous connection
To the past

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Copyright 2000 Geoffrey Raines

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