The Way
Holding a Geoff poster

If this were easier
Would you be happier?
Were this a game for you
Would it make sense to do?

Cause itís the way, that you see us now
Itís the way, that you show us how
Itís the way

Youíd like it down to earth
And I want to play with words
Youíd like some sacrifice
Not a phrase passing in the night

Cause itís the way that you find your voice
Itís the way, that the word employs
Itís the way

People along the sand
Looking away from land
Stay and Iíll sing some more
What are they searching for?

The way that you bring me through
The way that your song rings true
Itís the way

"Art is not a thing, itís a way" - Hubbard

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Copyright 2007 Raines, Stassen, Doyle

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