No One Knows
Geoff wall raining

Confident, like you know for sure
What’s coming up in the great new world
I will disclose what no one knows

They’ve had thoughts since the world was new
Where are we from?
Why me and you?
How will it unfold?
No one here knows

No one knows
No one’s speaking
No one knows
Where their sleeping

Take your guess and stake your claim
So many have in so many names
But truth be told no one knows

(We’re) dressing up
In the King’s new clothes
To cover up that nothing shows
You can be sure that no one knows

No one knows
Who will greet them
No one knows
Where’d they’d meet them

Everybody thinks they know for sure
So many answers from around the world
Some one is wrong but no one knows

I don’t care if you think like me
It wouldn’t matter if we all agree
We’re in the dark and no one knows

No one knows
What’s on the way
No one knows
And why would they?… why would they?

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Copyright 2007 Raines, Stassen

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