Geoffrey Raines - Later Than You Think
Later Than You Think

She called in the morning
Just driving through
In a month she’s digging
Through clothes in my room
We had tried this once or twice
But were always out of sync
“I best get on the road” she said
“It’s later than you think”

The eve’ning sun was low
And the nights were getting long
I was feeling old
And the tarot sign was on
“I have my free will
My fortune’s not in ink”
She said, “Give me your hand now
It’s later than you think
Later than you think
Stick round
Learn to love this town
I see a way
In what will transpire
Follow her through this cold world of ours
You’ll find your place
Your seat by the fire”

The clock was striking twelve
The golden hour was gone
We found the higher road
So many wandered on
A hundred miles later
We began to sing
“Though the way is long
Its later than you think"

Last time we talked
Sharing pictures on your phone
We said we’d travel South
When the flowers were in bloom
But when I got the call
I didn’t know what to think
Our time had just run out
It’s always later than you think

Copyright 2021 Geoffrey Raines
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Special thanks to Lance Morrison (Bass), James Holt (Piano), Marta Garrett (Harmony Vocals)

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