Dale City snow day

The animal kingdom was begging for food
when the bomb went off in my room, I was wounded
I could hear the scratching on my door
as I lay dreaming on the floor, deserted

I was the eyes and ears of the king
I was ready for just about anything, but this
I don't know why I had this faith in you
I thought you must know more than you do

I couldn't feel my hands when I came to
sitting in my room for improvement
So I slowly edged up to the door
I sure that I was thankful for every movement

Yes I am the eyes and ears of the king
I would have trusted you with one thing or another
I guess its better that I found out now
while I'm young enough to remember how, to recover

The animal kingdom was licking its chops
with every point the market dropped, I was nervous
So I nodded to my loyal friend
Before I switched that channel, once again at your service

I am the eyes and ears of the king
I was wrong in just about everything, was I ?
I thought the line to heaven started with your pen
And I will never make that mistake again, will I ?

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Copyright 1996 Geoffrey Raines

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