Resist newspaper

When you must take a stand
And you have to insist
When youíve seen the truth
That they will just twist
When they say, you donít exist
Resist, Resist

If your life, and your views
Are always dismissed
When the rules shut you down
But you must persist
Kindly souls are in your midst
Resist, Resist


When you know what is right
And you must insist
When the truth has to hide
Just to exist
Donít be so right
That youíd swing your fist
Resist, Resist

Copyright 2017 Geoffrey Raines, SR 2021
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Amazing vocals
Much thanks to Pattie Howard (Awesome vocals). You've heard Pattie with Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, and Madonna among others.

Click on the picture above to hear more by Pattie

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