Self Portrait

Welcome to this world
There’s so much I want to say
Welcome to this world on your very special day
If I could save you some time with a few thoughts of mine
To help you along your way
Welcome to this world today

Well, there’s Beatles and love
You’ll find out soon enough
I’d be quite remiss, if I don’t mention that stuff

I probably should say what goes on unsaid
Like, people are off’ed for the thoughts in their head
Welcome to this world today

You did a good job on the luck of your draw
But there’s no mansion waiting at the end of your crawl
Just a lifetime of hustle and constant demands
To stack up some cash that you snatch from their hands
Welcome to this world today

Oh, the map it is full of made up dotted lines
That you might be asked to kill for at times
Mix power, some gods, and the tribal insane
But we’ll get to that later
For now let’s say welcome to this world today

There’s My Lai and Hanoi, Parkland and Auschwitz
The Troubles, the Purge, Inquisition, the Blitz
Rwanda, Darfur, Crusades, Lebanon
With just time for names I can go on and on
Welcome to this world today

Well I marched for the children
I marched for your mom
But their lighting the stage where they left a time bomb
Since the planet is burning, its all quite a mess
You’d think we could leave it much better than this
Welcome to this world today

Copyright 2020 Geoffrey Raines, SR 2022 Raines
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Special thanks to Lance Morrison (Bass), Nate Barnes (Drums), Vitaliy Tkachuk (Oud), Tee Webb (Backup Vocals), Marta Garrett (Backup Vocals)

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