How bright the stars this autumn night
How quiet is this road
Walked hand in hand with Abraham
And let the stories flow
A friend of mine I never met
So sure he didnít flinch
He held a light so we could walk
Across the Pettus bridge
One more time

The doctor said we might be dead
When we had a year to live alone inside
At Christmastime, so many gifts to give
Not much was asked, but much unmasked
When I saw the neighborís face
The bakeríd fed the town was dead
When anger was the rage
One more time

The cliff ahead, we saw the edge
If you read between the lines
Side by side with Abraham
He saw some troubled times
How many men were all pretend
Was it better not to know?
The ugliness unhidden then
The window on their soul
One more time

Copyright 2020 Geoffrey Raines
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