The One Percent


Grandpa canít resist; he canít turn off the box
Heís watching all the people; being eaten by the fox
Well it all went bad, when the Suitor got off script
Now everybodyís praying for a dark horse candidate
The video just went viral in my brain
A thousand hits; and I ainít feeling no pain

Grumpy dog was mad, they left him at the park
And asked Brontosaurus, for his room in the ark
The science man had another plan
And I would have watched, but my attention spanÖ
Twelve monkeys logged in and reserved the domain
Five thousand hits, and Iím not feeling no pain

He said, ďEverybody wants, to tell you how to live
When wrong and right is how many ĎLikesí you can get
And while I binge watched, Season 25
The 1% went to take over my life
Stopping who gets to Mary and who gets to Jane
Ten thousand hits, and Iím feeling no painĒ

We all had to work; to feed the 1%
After they bought the roads; and the government
The Tycoon turned to me and said
When you have all the money, is it ever really spent?
I went out and joined another campaign
A million hits and I ainít feeling no pain

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Sviatoslav Kondrativ

Many thanks to Sviatoslav Kondrativ (Violin), Glenn Gonnella (Drums), and Toby Wilson (Mandolin, Dobro).

Copyright 2016 Raines

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