Geoffrey Raines - Find Our North
Find Our North

It’s a wicked world
But we got to keep trying
It’s an uphill walk
But we can’t stop climbing

Make your noise
While the making’s good
When someday we can’t
We’ll wish we could

Tempting as it is
To drink in this dream
Now I know
Nothing’s half what it seems

Whether or not
It turns out like we thought
We find our north
And it’s all we got

Cause the sky will come alive this night
We’ll find true north and hold on tight
And listen to a voice inside
Cause the wind is blowing hard tonight

It’s a wicked world
That never gives us a rest
Its a walk uphill
If we’ve laughed or we wept

So we’ll sing our song
About the life we’ve lived
And find our north
Or we’ll wish we did

Copyright 2023 Geoffrey Raines
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