Geoffrey Raines - Everybody

Everybody wants their home team to win
Everybody wants to drink at Cheers
Everybody wants a day in the sun
Then they ask for four more years

Everybody wants a little respect
Everybody tries to leave their mark
Everybody hopes to feel somewhat cool
Without trying too hard

What does everybody want at the soulís midnight?
What does everybody want? Whatís the longing in their eyes?

Everybody wishes for the game to be fair
Everybody asks a guiding light
Everybody seeks a soul laid bare
In the hush of the night

And what does everybody want when you hear the thunder roar?
What does everybody want when you're too far from the shore?

Everybody wants that reason to smile
Everybody loves a name in lights
Everybody prays for the future for their child
Who doesn't hold a day gone by?

What does everybody want when the sunrise will begin?
What does everybody want when the morning breaks again?

Copyright 2023 Geoffrey Raines
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Many thanks to James Graham (Piano)

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