Geoffrey Raines - Late To The Party
Late To The Party

I came late to the party, and the table was bare
You had already gone, but your friends were still there
They were selling your story, like Apollo survived
All sound and fury, the loved work of your life

It seems some people knew, right from the start
What took me a lifetime, and set me apart
Regrets can weigh heavy, but what can you do
I was late to the party by a decade or two

But the night it is young
Can you still hear the drum?
Cause the work, its not done
And its beat just goes on

I came late to the party, always ten steps behind
In the arms of the music, I felt disinclined
To drink and to linger or make up for lost time
And reach for a laurel, that might never be mine

I came late to the party, you were already gone
So I sang with your friend on that unreleased song
Though the night may be fleeting, and the hours did fly
It still taught me something, we all catch up with time

Copyright 2024 Geoffrey Raines
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Many thanks to Silje Steinsund Rod (Harmony vocal)

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