Geoffrey Raines - Four String Epiphone
Four String Epiphone

The party on my left
Now a party on my right
The buzzing in my ears
Tells me Iím still alive
You better watch your step
Better change your name
Rounding up the rebels
For someone new to blame

You offered me a used
Gold-plated megaphone
As if it could replace
This four string Epiphone
Better walk that line
Cause its not over yet
And they wont want to stop
Til thereís plenty they regret

Moses had a Guild
With massive overtones
Sold his PRS
Before he was well known
Oh you better watch your mouth
And leave that one alone
Their rounding up the rebels
And burning Epiphones

Copyright 2022 Geoffrey Raines
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Special thanks to Lance Morrison (Bass), Yuri Villar (Sax), MT and his Team (Djembe, Tabla, Drum Vocalizations - Konnakol)

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