Geoffrey Raines - From Here On
From Here On

From here on itís a new day
With every step that we take
From here on the roadís open
To every turn we make
Bless the Ďsomedayísí
Finding their way
Tí everybody from here on
Weíre taking a chance now
While magic is still unfolding

From here on its a good time
To still the voice in your head
From here on the road rises
Where all the prayers have been said
You can wear your
Heart on your sleeve
Donít care who sees from here on
Youíre seizing the day now
With seasons for all thatís comingÖ
From here on
From here on

Copyright 2023 Geoffrey Raines
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Many thanks to Nate Barnes (Drums), Felipe Ribeiro (Wurlitzer), Yuri Villar (Tenor Sax)

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