Geoffrey Raines - Postcard
When The Last Star Fades

When the last star fades
Its personal, Iím afraid
But I know its all part of the order
And I will miss these things
These hands and these strings
When I have played the last quarter

I see space and time
Waiting for that sign
But I didnít ask for an easy life
Iíll keep holding on
To memories of dawn
When the world was so young and bright

When the last star fades
And shadows take its place
And I am left with my thoughts
May the darkness bend
To my will my friend
More stubborn than distraught

Has anyone noticed
This world is so focused
On breaking us down to the core
But its not polite
To mention our plight
But its all I see anymore

When the last star fades
I will call your name
I will reach for your face my love
In a universe of dust
Iíll keep singing just for us/love
As long as there are suns above

Copyright 2022 Geoffrey Raines
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Many thanks to Nate Barnes (Drums), Lynsey Tibbs (Background Vocals)

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