Draw The Line

We may wonder why we get what we’re receiving
And how those so close to us could be so misleading
Freedom’s change of heart has you grieving
She left you wondering who or what to believe in

You got to draw the line, somewhere, sometime
You got to make up your mind or waste your time
You got to draw the line somewhere, sometime
You got to change your mind, let the clock unwind

If you wonder how this place got so confusing
And how people who used to listen, find it all amusing
You thought we were getting ahead, but we were just losing
But there’s a showdown coming, that’s gonna be bruising

If you wonder if Peace might give up trying
After she left you on that barstool while you were crying
Say you’re done and you'll be lying
If the price was too high you wouldn't be buying

Original recording Copyright 1985 Geoffrey Raines
Re-recording SR Copyright 2022 Geoffrey Raines
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