When Worlds Collide


Words are thrown into the air
Hitting people in the way
Careless talk falls everywhere
Turns to rain on your parade
You in your world
Me in mine
Getting by, we all take a side
With no regrets, when worlds collide

Driving into the sun
When you get tired, Iíll take the wheel
If we canít agree on what is true
Weíll never talk about what is real
You in your world
Me in mine
Looking back there is no pride
No victory lap when worlds collide

Through the shades Iím looking down
To the lampís light on the street
Sheltered from the day and night
And all the souls weíll never meet
You in your world
Me in mine
When the loss is magnified
Looking for grace when worlds collide

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Copyright 1982 Raines

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